Assembly Instructions

Furniture assembly instructions are available to view and/or print by clicking on the link(s) below.

  1. Bunk Bed Assembly &Safety Guide
  2. Twin/Full/Queen Headboard with Metal Frame
  3. Queen/King Bed Assembly with Bed Drawer Unit
  4. Classic Queen/King Bed
  5. Guardrail Safety Strap Instructions
  6. Platform Bed(s)
  7. Platform Bed(s) with Drawers
  8. Cay Bed with two Bunk Drawers
  9. Twin Queen Length Cay bed with two Bunk Drawers
  10. Twin Full Cay Bed with Trundle Bed
  11. Trundle Bed Caster Attachement
  12. Captains Bed Assembly
  13. Toolless Bunk and Bed
  14. Toolless Loft Bed
  15. Queen Length Captains Bed
  16. Room Mate Bed(s) with Headboard
  17. Room Mate Bed(s) without Headboard
  18. Large Dining Room Table
  19. Study Carrel Attachment
  20. Sidecar Attachement
  21. Executive Desk
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